Tape Transfers

VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV, Mini DVD
Max 2 Hours per Tape

Tape Transfer


Includes Free DVD 

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From $15

*includes all digital files


We transfer your old tapes into durable digital files with our safe, secure transfer process. Preserve your memories and transform your special moments into digital keepsakes. Max 2 hours each tape. Tapes over 2 hrs will be charged for an additional tape.

Freex35 - 999Get 1 quantity of any 2 cheapest item DVD Set ($20.00)
DVD Set ($30.00)
DVD Set ($40.00)
DVD Set ($50.00)
DVD Set ($60.00)
DVD Set ($75.00)
DVD Copy ($5.00)
Flash Drive ($20.00)
Flash Drive ($25.00)
Flash Drive ($30.00)
Flash Drive ($35.00)
Flash Drive ($40.00)
Flash Drive ($50.00)
Flash Drive ($15.00)

How Many Feet Do You Have?

How many tapes do you have?

How many batches of 50 do you have?

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How many cassette tapes do you have?
( $20 per Tape )

$19.99 Additional information if needed
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Up to 2 Hours

We’ll transfer up to 2 hours per tape onto a single DVD or digital life.

Inspect + Repair

We inspect each tape upon receiving and can even repair damaged taps.


For the best quality, each tape is provided its own premium disc (up to 2 hours).

Full Resolution

We preserve videos at the original resolution,
with no quality loss.

High Quality

We use professional video desk to ensure the best quality playback of old analog tapes.

Made in USA

We process and check every order by hand at our production facility located in Westerville, Ohio.

We’ll preserve your
special memories

Your VHS tapes are degrading faster than ever before. Transfer them to DVD and digital .mp4 files to preserve their quality and to share with generations to come. By having memories in digital formats – they are easily accessible, so you can share with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Our Process

Transferring media in three easy steps

Old media is becoming obsolete, and we preserve your special memories in three easy steps. Our professionals handle your media files like they were our own, ensuring your timeless treasures are in good hands. Simple PACK, SEND, and RECEIVE.



We offer a wide-range
of products and services

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 8 in
How Many Do You Want To Digitize?

Up to 3 Tapes (Reg. $45.00 – $3.00 off) $42.00, Up to 6 Tapes (Reg. $90.00 – $6.00 off) $84.00, Up to 12 Tapes (Reg. $180.00 – $12.00 off) $168.00, Up to 24 Tapes (Reg. $360.00 – $40.00 off) $320.00, Up to 48 Tapes (Reg. $720.00 – $80.00 off) $640.00

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